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    So folks, how did you come up with your internet nickname? A pronounciation as well would be good, if we ever have to mention you on the podcast!

    CONFUsed psychoSIS. Not the Chinese philosopher. 'Con-fyuu-sis' not confushis!

    Have had this nickname for about 16 years now!
  2. QinX

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    Mine doesn't have a true origin as much as it has been a the choice of a group of my old friends all deciding together to go for random names with no meaning.

    I actually started online gaming/true gaming around 10 years ago. I was introduced to CS 1.5 and Lanparties by my best friend in highschool. He and his dad called themselves Killerdad and Killerboy, I choose Killerolifant, cause I'm fat :x. After 1 year my best friend and I changed, I went with PRoTeCToR for about 2 years before making the final change to QinX which it is today. If the name is taken, which is often NOT the case I go with QinXeR or QinXy.

    It is pronounced kwuinks the Q is seperate. most people say kinks :p
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    I have the same issue, many pronounce or write my name as "punches"...

    Soul searching --> what's my purpose/function in life --> Phunction* --> Phunc --> Phuncz

    * because back then, you HAD to make spelling errors or you were not allowed in the cool club. Oh naive young-me.
  4. QinX

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    So you'd pronounce it funks? That's how I had it in my head at least :p
  5. jtd871

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    Mine is my initials plus some digits from an old government-issued ID. That way I didn't play the "my screen name is cooler than yours" game. That's just how I roll...
  6. iFreilicht

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    When I started playing Trackmania online, I had to go with something, so I had my profile be "xfire" because X is a cool letter and fire is pretty cool, too. After realising that was an IM for gamers, I switched to FlameX, basically the same cool thing. After that "Mystical13" because it's mystical and 13 is an edgy number (oh god the pain!). With a group of friends that had LANs pretty often, we all had names starting with i, because iPods were cool, and because I have a very loud voice, especially when I'm mad, I was iScream, which is also very cool because it's a play on the word Ice Cream. Damn was I cool :D

    And a few years back, when starting an Xbox Live account, I got fed up with the name iScream being constantly taken everywhere. My name in Minecraft at the time had to be 1iScr3am (so leet), so I based the name on a joke from the German comedian Otto Waalkes, googled it, and ended up with 0 results.

    jtd871 rolls right of the tongue :D

    Of course its kwuinks, everything else doesn't make sense to my brain.

    I'd also pronounce Phuncz as funks.
  7. PlayfulPhoenix

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    When I was really young, I used the handle "VGM10000", and today I have no idea what those initials stood for. A few people have posited "video game master", though, which is totally something my elementary school self would have thought was cool, so it was probably something along those lines.

    As for PlayfulPhoenix, sometime in high school I decided I needed something that I actually liked, so I thought of new usernames for a while whenever I was bored - which was pretty often, actually. At this point in time, though, I no longer played competitively as I had done before, so I wanted a name that was interesting, but not imposing or obnoxious anything like that. I also wanted a name that was unique enough to always be available, while still clean enough to avoid the random upperCase lEttErs, numb3rs, and $ymbols that plague most names.

    I can't recall the moment when I decided that a 'phoenix' was a good place to start, but I've always loved the concept of phoenixes in mythology and literature, as they're these imposing yet docile firebirds that, quite literally, are most striking at their lowest - when they die, in a burst of flame, and are then reborn from the ashes. Most monsters are just "really strong and scary and kill people" plus some unique feature - one eye, tail of snakes, whatever - but the phoenix is special because the nature of the creature's reincarnation symbolizes wisdom through continuous evolution. I may die today, but I'll be reborn a better version of myself tomorrow - and nothing can prevent me from doing so.

    Phoenixes aren't bloodthirsty, arrogant, authoritarian or aggressive. They're impressive, but not menacing. Powerful, but not power-hungry. And they simultaneously symbolize the continuity and permanence and cyclical nature of our world, and represent the potential of people at their best: when they can dig deep in their failures and losses, and become better from them.

    ...Of course, "Phoenix" alone is a pretty generic name, so I added "Playful" to reinforce the "I'm in this to enjoy myself, not to get the highest KD ratio" angle. It also lends credence to the angle of a phoenix as a generally cooperative creature, and the name "PlayfulPhoenix" even rolls off the tongue pretty well IMO.

    Anyways, in retrospect, I probably overthought my name just a tad, and most of the meaning I derive from it likely goes over the heads of everyone else. But I'm one to overthink things, and I really like the name. I'll probably use it for many years to come.
  8. Phuncz

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    Yes indeed !
  9. iFreilicht

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    Yeah I find that to be one of the most important things about good aliases/usernames/handles.

    All that work went into your name and you didn't consider the possibility of the initials being pronounced as peepee. :p
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  10. GuilleAcoustic

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    My name is Guillaume and «Guille...» is a short for it. When I created my ebay profile, I needed an account name. I was listening to acoustic guitar records and was searching for vacuum tubes on ebay so I went for «...Acoustic». The two of them gave birth to GuilleAcoustic.
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  11. Soul_Est

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    Soul_Est is something I've had for a long time. I believe I started using it on Neopets and it followed me everywhere in some form. The nickname is derived from the words soul and essentials. Essentials of the Soul or rather, Soul's Essentials.
    Soul's_Essentials (pronounced Soulest).
  12. C4B12

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    I had my nickname for a long time now, I think I came up with it when I was playing Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 a lot.

    The name though comes from a movie I liked when I was younger, Hackers. In the end the guy in the movie "hacked" a big building to light up lamps so it said Crash and Burn. So C4B stands for Crash 4ND Burn. 12 I actually dont really remember where it came from.
  13. raymondo

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    "Raymond" is the name of the man in the cream van (Scooter anybody?) who speaks nothing but French in the movie "Ghost Dog". Well, I don't speak any French at all so I found that quite funny. However, "Raymond" is already taken in most forums so I went with raymondo or capraymond (for Captain, no idea why) in most cases.
  14. willemdoom

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    I was 12, I played Runescape, it sticked with me forever
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  15. QinX

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    It haunts you even when you are a grandfather aged 90, you grandchildren will run into the house screaming "WILLEMDOOM!!!!"
  16. PlayfulPhoenix

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    Ooof, that hits me right in the childhood.
  17. willemdoom

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    Those were the days boys, those were the days.
  18. Ceros_X

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    I got mine in a 7th grade Science class, picked it out of rhinoceros. Because 'Ceros' is horn in Latin and zero (root of a function) in spanish, it is often taken so I will use Ceros_X. No reason to change it up now, though I do use a few other aliases.
  19. Phuncz

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    Mine were basically strafe jumping through Quake (all three of them) with various loud music, I much later recognized as Drum&Bass.
    Oh how the times have not changed.
  20. ChainedHope

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    Pssh nicknames... the ones that stand out are LarryT3hCableGu. For some reason when I was 12 I thought 1337 speak and comedians were cool. Who knows. After that it became JustWannaLive because I was horrendous at online FPS games even though that was all I played. Which is funny since after 2 years of having that user name I ended up joining an esports team that played nationally for COD, we dropped off the map tho after a few years due to conflicting interests (I wanted to have fun, they wanted money and sponsorship's... crap hit the fan).

    Then we come to the ChainedHope I use pretty much everywhere which was derived from some artwork I did after graduating high school for an art museum that was a 10'x8' sketch of a human heart wrapped in a chain and being draped over gallows .

    I also go by the alias LivingLikeLarry on twitch/youtube and NakLove on reddit. NakLove is from Nakhla (hookah shisha tobacco company) and my love for their Double Apple flavor and LivingLikeLarry is just because thats what everyone always says when they meet me IRL (my name is Larry if thats not apparent by the two usernames that have it in it).
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