Low Volume #4: LOSIAS

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  • Today’s hosts: Joshua Ramirez, James Schell, John Morrison, and Jay Mattison.
  • Our special guest this episode: Craig Brugger, of LOSIAS fame!
    • A reminder: Supporters that subscribe to SFF Forum can now listen to live shows, interact with us, and join in on “The Aftershow” where we answer questions and discuss topics that don’t make the cut for the podcast!
  • Announcing SFF Wiki – a repository of knowledge for SFF builders, and the greater enthusiast community!
  • MSI announces Cubi 2 and Cubi 2+ vPro computers utilizing Intel’s nascent 5X5 form factor
    • 5×5 boards are ~30% smaller than m-ITX, yet still provide a socketed solution for processors
    • Competent CPU, integrated graphics, excellent option for HTPCs and basic use
  • Aleutia’s R50 fanless PC – with a beautiful copper stripe that doubles as an integrated heatsink
    • Intended for industrial uses, but with a flair that could make it nice well beyond that
  • Our interview with Craigbru! Topics included:
    • His introduction to SFF, and the LOSIAS build that started it all
    • The LOSIAS websites and community
    • History of Sudhian
    • What Craig’s working on now, including… cupholders?
  • This episode’s ‘Fortnightly Favorite Fread’: Geeek A10: ITX, LP dual slot and FlexATX
    • An impressively inexpensive acrylic ITX enclosure with FlexATX PSU support

Apologies for the late delivery! Moving forward, expect podcasts to land the weekend they’re recorded!