ASUS GTX 950 with no power plugs

PC Perspective has a news post on a recently announced variant of the GTX 950 video card, the GTX950-2G. What makes this version special is what it doesn’t have, any power connectors! The standard GTX 950 cards have a single 6-pin PCIe power connector since they draw around 90-100W under load, which is a bit too much for the 75W that the PCIe slot is specced for but this new model is only rated for 75W of power.

The core count and clock speeds are in line with the regular models, so it’s not clear how ASUS managed to reduce the power consumption. It may just be the result of careful binning but that would be odd considering that it’s built on the very mature 28nm process node.

Aside from the missing power connector, one other neat feature of this card is the shroud comes in a very sharp looking white with blue accents. ASUS touts this cards as perfectly matching their Z170 motherboards


…except the only ASUS Z170 boards that come in that white color scheme are ATX boards. There is not a single current-gen Mini-ITX, or even microATX, motherboard that ASUS makes that comes in this color scheme. I personally find this incredibly frustrating because between this new card and the R9 Nano White, ASUS has two cards that would make for a great looking white SFF build but they lack a matching board.

No word on availability. Official product page here.

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