Lian Li Launches Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 RGB in Black and White

Image Credit – Lian Li



I feel like before you read this article, you need the theme to Tron playing in the background. So go ahead and listen to it as you admire this fan that was definitely not inspired by the Grid.

Lian Li is introducing it’s newest 120mm fan in the form of the Uni Fan SL-Infinity. As the name implies, the fan has an infinity mirror look to it that makes the center spindle have a void or black hole look to it. In addition to the lighting and mirror upgrades, the fan also can be directly linked and daisy chained with others in the same line. After doing so, you can connect all of them to the fan controller with a single cable. RGB may or may not be your thing, but less cables in an SFF build is always welcome.

That’s a nice Flynn Blue.


In order to get the most out of the LEDs you’ll need to use Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software to control them. This allows for some truly unique patterns that don’t look at all like the warp core of the Enterprise. Lian Li states that the software now includes the ability to sync the fan speed to the motherboard (PWM mode).

I’m call this color Clu Orange



The specs of the fan include a relatively high 2.6mm H20 rating for air pressure, and a max speed of 2100 RPM. Power consumption is 180mA for the fan, and 600mA for the LED. Wattage is 5.16W.


Currently the fan is up for pre-order. You can choose a single fan for $29.99 at New Egg USA, or $99.99 for a tripple pack that includes an RGB controller, and everything you need to daisy chain the fans.


Check out Lian Li’s product page by CLICKING HERE.

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