Build Profile: Reddit User Inseign97’s Simple Black Shift 2 Air Build

Image Credit Inseign97 via Reddit r/SFFPC


If you read through the subreddit of r/SFFPC, you might think that you have to build a custom loop, hardline, water-cooled mini-monster to get noticed. Inseign97’s Phanteks Shift 2 AIR build proves that to simply not be the case. There’s nothing that particularly stands out about this build, which is exactly the point. It’s a quiet elegance of matte black that allows the system blend seamlessly and beautifully into Inseign97’s workspace. The system does it’s job, and does so without being in your face about it.



Specs wise it includes a Ryzen 5900X and RTX 3080Ti. The motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix B550I, and cooling is handled by three Phanteks T30 120mm x 30mm fans. The only concern with this build would be the Noctua L9A cpu heatsink and fan. The 5900X can quickly overpower this cooler, which is more at home on a 5600X. Inseign97 has used undervolting to try to control this but is still hitting the above 90C range. The Shift 2 Air supports up to 85mm air cooling however, so options are available.

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