Press Release: Noctua Releases the Chromax NH-L9a-AM4

Press Release: When an SFF Network article is marked as a press release, it is copied verbatim from marketing materials supplied by the company. It does not represent the views or opinions of SFF Network or it’s staff. — Vienna, January 21st 2020 – Noctua today introduced another addition to its chromax line of all-black CPU coolers: the new NH-L9a-AM4 is a low-profile quiet CPU cooler for AMD’s Ryzen-based HTPCs and Small Form Factor (SFF) builds. Thanks to the same proven heatsink design and NF-A9x14 PWM fan as the original NH-L9a-AM4, it stays true to the same successful formula …

CoolerMaster’s MasterAir G200P has been launched

CoolerMaster teased their MasterAir G200P SFF cooler at Computex 2019, and it’s finally time to hit the market for this low profile 92mm cooler. Featuring a max height of 39.4mm, this cooler is another option for our SFF air cooled builds. Twin C-shaped heatpipes draw heat from the nickel plated copper base up to the aluminium fins, to be cooled by the 92×15.4mm fan. Speaking of the fan, the fan is rated for 800-2600 RPM, with a max of 35.5CFM and 2.4mm H2o static pressure. The fan runs between 6-28dBa according to CoolerMaster. The cooler supports LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, …

CPU Cooler Shootout: Ep. 2 featuring ID-Cooling IS-50 and IS-60

Extra holiday time means more time for CPU cooler testing!  Following up with the IS-40 v3, today we are adding the IS-50 and IS-60 to the mix.  These are larger than the IS-40 and round out the high end for ID-Cooling’s Iceland (IS) series.  Be sure to check out the video on Youtube and give your feedback either in the comments there or on our forum discussion.  

Noctua NH-U12A heatsink review. Will it SFF?

We would like to thank Noctua for providing us with a review sample of their NH-U12A heatsink. Without their generosity, this review would not be possible. Fresh off the heels of our NT-H2 Thermal Paste shootout, we have a compelling new heatsink from Noctua, the NH-U12A. This model is more compact than some of Noctua’s larger offerings but offers unparalleled performance for its size due the quality of fans being used. It’s still a little on the larger side and may not fit in most of our cases but for those that have the room, you may not find a …

CRYORIG C7 Cu – Dat Copper Tho

Just before Computex 2017, we were treated to a sneak preview of something different – the CRYORIG C7, but in all copper form. With claims of 10-15% improvement in initial testing, down to community members reporting no real improvement, the C7 Cu has been a controversial product to say the least. With a review unit in hand (finally!), today we set out to review the C7 Cu versus the original aluminium variant. Unfortunately, we gave away our original CRYORIG C7 some time ago, so with the help of SFF Network Patrons, we picked up a new one to enable apples …

Noctua at Computex 2018

Noctua, purveyors of fine cooling wares, had their booth, resplendent in copper and cream, at Computex 2018. We popped in for a visit, and did not regret the time spent there, discussing cooling with Jakob, Noctua’s marketing whiz. On show, the usual components, however, spiced up with some major changes, some of which stunned even us, seasoned industry veterans. Let’s see what was on display! Firstly, an oddity. What started as a personal project of a Noctua engineer, has become a probable product – a desk fan based on a NF-A12x25 fan, but with the addition of an “Airflow Amplification …

Noctua’s Sterrox – The Next Generation

Evolution in the fan space is slow. We’ve reached the era of incremental improvements, whilst the core design of fans stay the same. None of the crazy early days experimentation is found nowadays, sounding a death knell to the likes of tip magnetic drive, and even the pure Sandia designed CPU cooler. Instead, small improvements are made (notwithstanding RGB, because that’s an entirely different story), in pursuit of a better cooling device. Material tech is the route chosen by Noctua for improving their fans in this instance, eschewing the fan frame changes shown by DeepCool, CryoRig et al. Better materials …

CRYORIG Announces M.2 Cooler and RGB C7

Press Release: When a new post is marked a such, the content is copied verbatim from the company’s release, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Small Form Factor Network or Minutiae LLC. CRYORIG Announces Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB for Computex 2018 22.05.2018 Taipei, Taiwan – Ahead of Computex 2018 CRYORIG announces new M.2 cooler Frostbit and RGB enhanced C7 RGB CPU Cooler. CRYORIG’s Frostbit is not only the industry first aftermarket M.2 NVMe SSD cooler with dual heatpipes, it allows full adjustment of the Secondary Heatpipe and large volume Heatsink. The C7 RGB is based on CRYORIG’s award winning ITX cooler C7, with a 12v RGB …