ASUS Mini PCs at CES 2018

ASUS was another brand present at CES 2018 – let’s have a look.

First up – an innovative product for mounting your multiple monitor setup.

The system supports screens up to a bezel thickness of 10mm and at this time is planned to support 19-30″ screens.

The slightly opaque nature of the device is somewhat visible, however.

The world’s first 144Hz laptop display on the ROG G703 laptop. I have to say though, these uber gaming laptops aren’t to my taste – us SFF fanatics can built desktops at a similar volume!

RGB. No comment.

Much more our style. This is a Chromebox product from ASUS.

The CPU is unknown, however, using the ChromeOS, the utility of such a device is limited, and performance, even on a lower end processor, should be acceptable.

Proper tiny.

Slightly larger but with a significant performance increase, oh and Windows/Linux support!

Optane, Core i5/i6 and USB 3.1 gen 2, this should make for a solid little performer.

Once again, proper small!

The aesthetic of this unit is very nice.

The specs of these Mini PCs seems suited to desktop use in corporate environments, but I’m sure our readers will find multiple uses for them.

Even smaller!

Ultra slim, thin-client-esque style.

1 litre!

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