ASRock at CES 2018

With anticipation, our team headed to the ASRock suite first thing today, hoping for yet more SFF awesomeness from one of the companies who have proven their SFF mettle numerous times recently.

First up, ASRock is working with MXM partners to increase the availability and decrease the cost of MXM GPUs for the Micro-STX platform. Here, a desktop grade GTX1060 is available in the form factor.

The next generation Z370 Micro-STX was on display, with many, many changes to the first, Z270, iteration;

The new power phase(5+1) supports 6-core processors.
New STX board allows for XMP profile 2.0 w/ speeds up to 4000MHz w/ LED ram.
19v Power input (using 270v AC, pushing for 310v in anticipation for future 8-core processors)
Power connector moved from center to side.
Single HDMI out from iGPU
HDMI/DP/mini-DP out from the MXM

The much anticipated Threadripper M-ATX board was also on show! We hope we can have a closer look at this, and the below x299 motherboards in more detail when they hit production!


And a final note; ASRock has been trying to get AM4 to work on Micro-STX. however even the 65w processors have a power consumption in excess of what the form factor can support at this time.


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