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    With anticipation, our team headed to the ASRock suite first thing today, hoping for yet more SFF awesomeness from one of the companies who have proven their SFF mettle numerous times recently.

    Read more here.
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  2. pyxls

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    Does the appearance of the Z370 Micro-STX board mean that there might also be a "normal" Z370 m-STX board (without the MXM slot)? Also that X299 mATX board looks like a good option, especially if compared against the boards from other manufacturers (...evga...)!
  3. Hifihedgehog

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    Please ask them about HDMI 2.0 on upcoming AM4 ITX motherboards. A family member is extremely willing to purchase an ASRock AM4 ITX motherboard for their next HTPC if and only if it has HDMI 2.0.
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  4. SeñorDonut

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    Glad to hear they're at least trying to put AM4 on STX! :D
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  5. VegetableStu

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    gonna do motherboard image comparaisons with the X399M and other HEDT mATX boards when I get back to my pc next week
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  6. alamilla

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    Thunderbolt header spotted on the X299M! :cool:
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    so maybe with the mobile ryzen chips going out, it would be possible to have an amd mtx board? nice :)
    asrock does some really cool stuff.

    is it really? :eek:O its not just... usb c?

    I mean it could be I'd love to. does that mean that thunderbolt could be comming to ryzen next year as well??
  8. Therandomness

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    There’s a H310 STX board coming in around June. I asked Asrock and they said that.
    Really? Well, there’s my upgrade. I really don’t like Intel.
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    I was referring to the X299 mATX motherboard.
    Gigabyte have released the X399 Designare EX which is the only AMD board with Thunderbolt support.
    However, Gigabyte have since pulled it from their specifications pending certification.

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  11. owliwar

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  12. pyxls

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    Holy sheeeeeesh........did they by any chance also mention if it'll have M.2 slot with 4 PCIe lanes?
  13. TheOfficialCzex

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    Come on, ASRock, pull a miracle and give us a TR4 ITX board.
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  14. Therandomness

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    That's part of the STX standard :p
    The board would need to be bigger on the surface to allow that :p And fancy seeing you here.
  15. TheOfficialCzex

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    Not necessarily. The socket is small enough to allow for multiple daughter boards and SODIMM memory. It would just be incredibly difficult, costly, and not worth it to bring a prototype to market.
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  16. Therandomness

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    Designing a C-style cooler specifically for the board and having the daugherboards slot into it could be a viable option for that. Also, I mean, there's plenty of space on the back of the board for various things. 8 SODIMMs? :p
  17. ChairmanDev

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    Silverstone dropping support for micro stx?
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    "MicroSTX is a dying form factor"
    Yet ASRock have v2 boards, Digital Storm are releasing systems w/ hardline watercooled microSTX boards inside, etc. Whilst im not one to predict the future the fact that Silverstone are apparently loosing interest doesnt really strike me as the death knell of the form factor. It occurs to me that like all major case vendors they operate at scale, the cost of tooling up to mass produce a case guarantees that if they cant ship in substantial volume that their not going to ship it at all, there isnt an RoI there for them.

    My $0.02

    EDIT: This guy makes alot of assumptions in this video. Such as one of the cases absolutely being a ready to release production something or other and definitely not a prototype specifically because it has an RGB header on it, apparently no RGB LED's (he wasnt 100% clear on that) but i guess now we can take "RGB header" to mean "production ready". Im not saying microSTX will last the distance, im saying the level of assumptive thinking and borderline hyperbole in this video should not be taken as an indicator of future performance either way.
  19. Kmpkt

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    The way I see it, Silverstone likely prototyped this case with the assumption that AsRock would sell bare boards on the open market. AsRock has obviously chosen to go in a different direction selling the Micro STX only as a barebones with its included case or in bulk to system builders like Digital Storm.

    Having physically handled both cases, something I suspect few people have done (I pulled the RVZ apart when no one was looking at Computex last year), there is no way I would throw away the high quality case that AsRock included in favour of a Silverstone quality product.

    To think that Silverstone leaving the Micro STX segment is the death knell of the form factor is dead wrong. They're only leaving the space because no one would downgrade their case for 70 USD.
  20. AleksandarK

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    As others noted, Micro STX is NOT dying.

    Reasons for this:
    • MXM GPUs are going to be produced for long time to come. CLEVO, Aetina.... you name them. There are plenty manufacturers.

    • The statement that GPUs are now just soldered to PCB is partially true. Yes, they are soldered, but you can only get so far with integrated design. Such design is hard to do, so only logical way is to just put MXM slot, and you can put any MXM GPU in there.

    • ASRock wouldnt spend money on R&D knowing that the form factor is dead.

    • There wouldnt be any custom variants from 3rd party vendors-Digital Storm Spark

    GN's statment was very very not thought about. It came without any real data, but rather personal opinions and and self conclusions.