AMD’s WX7100 Reviewed by Tom’s Hardware

Without a doubt, the AMD WX7100 GPU has been the most second most intriguing product from the Radeon workstation division in some time. (We reserve the top spot here for the SSD-enhanced Radeon Pro SSG) We covered the reveal a few months back, noting that this card is based on the Polaris 10 architecture, the same generation architecture found in the RX 480. It takes time to validate workstation grade hardware, and Tom’s Hardware has finally gotten their hands on a review unit.

Featuring 144 texture units and 32 ROPs, the card is similar to the RX 480 in pure specs. Its 8GB of GDDR5 operates at a mere 1750 MHz, which explains the somewhat lower bandwidth specification of 224 GB/s.

One advantage of Pro cards is that they come with amazing support from the manufacturer. During initial testing, Toms Hardware came across some instabilities. AMD worked directly with the reviewer to remedy the situation, and the fixes were applied to the next driver update!

Of course, being a Pro card, the price point is not cheap, but the value and performance – well, you’ll have to check out Tom’s review to find out.

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Could you justify owning a Pro card? Let us know in the forum.