AMD Talks Ryzen: Memory Support, Mini-ITX and Game Performance

Ryzen has had an active post-launch development, in which AMD has supported developers and manufacturers with code, guidelines and microcode updates to further increase performance and support of its hot new CPU platform.

Forbes has had an interview with AMD’s Ryzen Product Manager James Prior and Head of Global Technical Marketing Robert Hallock. They discuss game and app optimization needed to make full use of Ryzen’s platform, along with memory performance and compatibility.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

One of the key issues with Ryzen is memory support, specifically with many people reporting that it’s mainly Samsung B-die kits that are able to achieve speeds of 3,000MHz and over. With Ryzen’s Infinity Fabric tied to the memory speed and some fairly significant gains to be had by using faster memory as a result, will the new BIOS updates allow users to go above 3,000MHZ much more readily?

Robert: I have an off the shelf Ryzen system setup and to be very technical I have Hynix’s FMR, Samsung B-die, E-die and C-die all running at 3,200MHz at the touch of a button with the configuration required being to set the XMP profile and go. So it’s more correct to say that there are certain DIMMs with Hynix chips that don’t work terribly well with Ryzen and we have a good understanding of why. Importantly we have a good understanding of the ones that do work well and we’ve been very vocal promoting that to the community, which is why at the moment we recommend Samsung B-die.

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