Buying [USA-FL] WTB: Flex ATX PSU and case

Please PM me your offer directly so I receive an email notification.

Hello everyone. I want to purchase a 300-400W Flex ATX modular PSU and case. I'm also looking for a case that has both Flex ATX support and an ITX GPU slot. eg: Velka 3 or Taobao K39.

I'm not very interested in the Geeek A30 due to it's size and acrylic panels, but will consider offers.

I'd prefer to purchase the case/PSU/riser card as a bundle, but open to offers on individual parts.
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Nov 23, 2019
I have a lazer3d lz7 if interested. You'd just need to buy the correct panel for a dc power supply if you're not interested in using sfx.