Help - comparison between K39, A30 and more


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Jan 2, 2019
I'm looking to downsize my rig and get an ITX GPU, a flex atx PSU, and a small ~4.0L case like the K39 from Taobao or Geeek A30. I know of a few other cases that exist (Custom Mod FLEX and upcoming Velka 3) but I'm looking for more suggestions. I'm on a budget and would like to spend less than $100 USD on the case, which is why the K39 bundled with the PSU and riser is very appealing to me for about $80 not including shipping.

Before I purchase everything I need for a new build I'd like to ask a few questions as well. Are there any major downsides to a PC this size compared to one that is NCASE or Dan A4 sized? I know that SFFPC's sacrifice some thermal performance, storage capacity and upgrade friendliness compared to a ATX sized rig; anything else I'm missing here? Thinking of getting a Ryzen 7 2700 with the L9a.

Would it be better/worthwhile to use a 3D printer and make a case like the K39 myself?

Any idea when an ITX RTX 2070 might enter the market? I see two listed on Gigabyte's and MSI's websites but haven't heard anything else.

Any suggestions for flex ATX PSU's? The one from Geeek looks pretty solid although its kinda expensive. Looking for around 450W, preferably modular and a quiet fan although I'll probably just take a noctua fan and replace the one inside the PSU.

Any other thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!


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Nov 5, 2018
You can get the Inno3D RTX 2070 which comes in at 196mm x 113mm. It's not quite ITX but it is considered a mini and fits in a small case like the S4 Mini. Though the only places you can get it are outside of the US like in the EU. I got mine through


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Aug 19, 2018
I bought a K39 and got the PSU from a different recommended seller that specifically deals with PSUs. The unit I got was a delta 400w and I found the fan to be too high pitched. Wasn't really loud in terms of volume of noise. That is a risk you run with any of those flex units. I've ordered in a noctua 40mm fan to replace it.

Don't know if I was unlucky or if they're all about the same. Looks like a stock fan. I think geeek replace their fans.

The K39 uses fairly thin aluminium, it does flex from cables bulging but the construction is quite smart, giving it a lot of structural strength with a minimal amount of material/joins. It's not worth 3d printing a case unless you are specifically after that kind of creative endeavour and already have a capable printer.

As to downsides - there is no active cooling aside from the fan on the GPU and CPU, which just spray hot air in all directions. I'm planning to buy a sunmilo S01 (made a thread in the hardware subforum) which allows for a SFX PSU and top mounted slim fan. The volume increases to 6.9 but it's worth it imo. The cost is well out of your budget though (3x the cost of a K39).
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