Selling [US-MA] Selling: Skyreach S4 Mini, 400W G-Unique, ITX mobo w/Ryzen 1600, Zotac 1060 6GB, & Extras

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Looking to sell a bunch of parts after some holiday gifts led me to upgrade my whole machine. All parts are ~5 years old but were in good working condition right before I upgraded. I'm looking to sell as much of this stuff together as I can, and for pretty cheap as I'm just looking to cover the costs of the upgrades I had to buy myself. I'd like to sell the case & psu together, as well as bundling the motherboard, cpu, cooler, and graphics card if possible. You'll get most of a pretty solid computer if you buy everything together!

You pay for shipping. Local hand-off is also an option if you're in the Boston area.

Total Bundle: $400 OBO

Case & PSU Bundle: $250
Skyreach S4 Mini w/ white powdercoat, feet stands, wenge front panel, old metal front panel, dip switch, & pcie 3 riser cable

G-Unique ArchDaemon 400W DC/ATX PSU

Motherboard, CPU, & Cooler Bundle: $100
ASRock Fatality AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac w/ Ryzen 5 1600 Pre-installed, tossing in the stock AMD cooler for free

GPU: $50 if bundled with Mobo/cpu, $90 on its own
Zotac GTX 1060 6GB AMP Edition
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Jan 10, 2024
Oh and to be safe, here's a Proof pic with my username, date, and all the parts listed above. I know I'm using a new profile sorry lol
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Jan 11, 2024
Interested in the case, would you sell just the case? Also, do your prices include shipping and PayPal fees?