SFF.Network [SFF Network] Reeven Brontes – Another Eye on Performance

In Greek mythology, Steropes, Brontes and Arges are three siblings decended from Gaia and Uranus (stop giggling, you in the back). They were the blacksmiths to Zeus, Poseidon, and other gods. In this case, however, Steropes is a 60mm tall CPU cooler from a relatively unknown brand – Reeven.

REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN’s product lines include the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, cooling fans, PC cases and many other items. The target of our products will be a wide range of audiences under our philosopohy “Professional Quality Gears”, for products that will withstand the highest demands.

Wait.. this sounds familiar… Very familiar, in fact… This may be due to the Brontes being made by the same company that made the Steropes, a 60mm tall CPU cooler we reviewed just a few days ago! Please don’t call us lazy for copy-pasting the intro! Consistency is important, right?

Read the full review here.


Lord of the Boards
Editorial Staff
Gold Supporter
May 9, 2015
Nice, a good fit for boards with the CPU socket very close to the PCIe slot !


Master of Cramming
Jul 2, 2015
Need to review the Vanxie model, the Brontes and Steropes are both fairly close in size and rather at the large end of SFF coolers.