Win "small" with the Enermax SteelWing!

2/18/2017: Contest has ended.
Winner will be announced on Monday the 20th!

Enermax USA is incredibly supportive of and as way to say thank you, they would like us to reward one lucky member of the community with the Enermax SteelWing that we reviewed right here!

Their only request is that you "Like" Enermax USA on Facebook.

To this end, we'd like to announce a quick giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is reply to this thread with:
Your plans for the case.
2. A name for your build.
Note: Facebook account and liking their page is not required to enter

List of entries:
1. dpeppe01
2. TheHig
3. goony
4. HeroXLazer
5. Teazzie
6. Nocturnize
7. Maeby
8. revampmybrain
9. LocoMoto
10. Boil
11. Cs1427
12. Roger
13. Rysen
14. Ca11idus
15. Soul_Est
16. NFSxperts
17. h_tylr
18. nox
19. KarolNI
20. gffermari
21. danger
22. LodisKnight
23. GentlemanShark
24. Frandalf
25. blubblob
26. wywywywy
27. Halfdan
28. Ceros_X
29. lhl

Competition is open to users worldwide (except where prohibited). Prize will be drawn on 17th February at 8PM NZST by random selection using The first name drawn will be declared the winner. Any taxes, duties or tariffs are the responsibility of the winner. Postage will be covered by Minutiae LLC (
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King of Cable Management
Oct 13, 2016
That red panel is screaming for a Ryzen build! I have the Nitro 480 , Now we need this case and the new AMD hotness.

Build title "Mr Mojo Ryzen"

To hail the comeback of team Red of course.


What's an ITX?
Feb 13, 2017
I had a 1070, but then found a great deal on a Freesync monitor. So I downgraded to an RX 480 (took it off a mining rig) in the meantime while I wait for Vega.

My plans for this case would definitely be centered around Vega (and possibly Ryzen, excited!). Then, of course, I'd be able to move my current parts to my little brother's rig to get him a nice upgrade and show him the beauty that is SFF.

As for a name - "Level Two" since this would be my second build, hopefully a more powerful build, and built into an upgraded case over my current Cougar QBX!

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What's an ITX?
Feb 13, 2017
I've been saving and planning for my own itx build for a bit, saving money from the case to use on another part would be great. Waiting for Ryzen and Vega to see price and performance vs my initial build idea of an i5-7600k and a 1070. I think I'd call my build "Red Sea" even with Intel in it because red led strips would be gorgeous under that tempered glass and match the included fan.


Jul 19, 2015

A build to play media and be the center of attention not trusted with the potent stuff.



SFF Guru
Nov 11, 2015
1 - My 'planned' build could be anything from an i5-7600 CPU to an 8c/16t Ryzen CPU, with a minimum of an EVGA GTX 1060 GPU to a Zotac GTX 1080 Mini GPU, with hopeful wishes for a high-powered Vega GPU…!

2 - A name for the build…?!? How about "Free Beer"…!?! ;^p


Minimal Tinkerer
Feb 13, 2017
'Lil red'

Been waiting to pull the trigger on a small form pc. This looks fantastic. Would love to stick a 1080ti in there if one ever comes out. It'd make a killer 1440/144fps LAN machine.
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Efficiency Noob
Apr 30, 2016
To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is reply to this thread with:
Your plans for the case.
2. A name for your build.

I plan on building an 8c16t Ryzen-based system, nicknamed 'The Red Multitasker'

Thank you for setting up this giveaway! Best of luck to everybody!


Trash Compacter
Jan 13, 2017
My plan's for this case is to use it as portable VR rig. Including a GTX1080, an i7-7700 in an asus strix z270 with 32GB of RAM and with enough SSD space to install a series of VR games and experiences, including some that I have been working on myself. My name for this beauty would be "Pink Planet Express" because it looks like a spaceship, it's portable and it will run VR space games.

Also, I wanted to add that I will add the pink planet sticker to it. make it look like this:
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Average Stuffer
Feb 13, 2017
I will call this build Validus. It is latin for valid, healthy, and strong. A fitting name for this little beast.

I have an asrock x99 itx which I painted the heatsinks red. Got a 5820k that is undervolted and ready for this sff. 32GB gskill @3200, 1tb m.2 ssd, sf600. I just need a gpu that has a nice red color scheme for the build. I'll use this to play all the video games! I'm getting tired of playing destiny and bf1/tf2 are calling my name.

This is one cool little case.

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Cable Smoosher
Sep 4, 2016
I would probably mod it into a nas, as it somehow reminds me of one. Naming wise, I'm not too good at naming, so it would probably fit to my usual scheme of 'that (case name here) build'. So 'that SteelWing build'. Thanks for the giveaways guys!