Before we begin, I want to thank System76 for their patience and extra time they provided for us to review the Thelio SFF PC. During the course of this review, I had a lifetime’s worth of events happen ranging from back-to-back natural disasters, upheavals in my career and financial situation, major medical events, and even deaths in the family. To my great regret, these events left me with little time for my passion for computer hardware, and required me to step away to get things settled. I greatly appreciate System 76’s patience, understanding, and support. The entire Small Form Factor Network community has been very kind, and very supportive.
I offer my apologies and thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting for this review.

This was originally supposed to be a simple hardware review of the...

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Chassis Packer
Apr 20, 2017
engineering small, powerful and silent machine when you are allowed to make your own case and have no real budget limits shouldn't be that hard... get P1, Nightjar, the biggest issue will be with graphics card, but you can get A380, RX6400 or A2000 and strap a passive cooler to it and you're mostly done