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Greetings all SFFN fans! I wanted to let you know that System 76 has sent us a Thelio for testing. This is their smallest design and runs a customized POP!_OS (Linux). So far testing it has been a lot of fun. I haven’t tried to use a Linux distro in about 20 years so I was initially a bit wary, but System 76 has done a very good job at making the process seamless.  I’m posting this to get some feedback from our members as to what questions you would like to ask System 76.


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Jan 11, 2022
I went to an open house at System 76 about 4 or 5 years ago. They make their cases in house, which is awesome. The only problem I could see with their chassis, was that they were making the rear I/O to specific motherboards cut out directly on the case. So if the motherboard on your system ever died, you couldn't just pop in any motherboard, it had to be the same mobo or something with the exact same rear I/O ports/placement (which never happens). I dunno if they've changed that practice since... It gives a very clean, sexy look, but is terrible from a end user and environmental factor.

Will keep an eye out for your review!