This is going to be a unique article for us in that this is more of a showcase and not a review. This sample was paid for out of pocket and like all our articles, will remain unbiased to a fault. 
As far as I am aware, there are only two ITX computer case manufactures in the USA (R.I.P. Caselabs), one of them is Sliger Designs out of Sparks, Nevada and the other is System76 from Denver, Colorado. And while System76 both designs and manufactures their own chassis, they are not available for sale without the purchase of one entirely pre-built computer. That might immediately cause some of you to lose interest in this article, but I would urge you to continue reading (or at least stick around to see the pictures) as System76 has made some monumental decisions that I think should be celebrated.
First, let’s take a step back to talk about System76, the company.
System76 is small company of about 40 extremely...

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The thermals and sound would vary depending on the configuration so I didn't bother to test that.
Mine was their barebones model and I had to return it to them unscathed within a limited window(10 days) in order to get a full refund for my paid review sample.
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