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AAEON, a global leader in industrial computing, has introduced the world to the next generation of single board computer with the release of the EPIC-TGH7, which holds the distinction of being the first board of its kind to host Intel 11th Generation Xeon /Core processors. With such an advanced processor package, the EPIC-TGH7 offers 8 cores and 16 threads to increase processing speed and power for intensive, high-end computing. However, this advancement has not sacrificed power-efficiency, with the EPIC-TGH7 providing up to 45 W with Xeon -level performance.
Hosting up to 8 USB ports, dual LAN ports, and a PCIe[x8] slot; the EPIC-TGH7 enables PCIe 4.0 speeds of up to 16GT/s, despite retaining the same EPIC board form factor measuring just 4.53″ x 6.50″ (115 mm x 165...

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