Synching a Dynamo 360 and Asrock A300m


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Jan 29, 2019
So for my project Im going to use a 360 to power an m.2 riser and dGPU, and pass through the dc power to the stx board.

Im fairly sure this is an intended use case of the the 360 so Im just trying to confirm if my intended method of syncing the 360 and motherboard will work.

The 360 has ps_on and gnd jumpers on the input side of the board. Jumping those pins turns the psu on much like jumping those same pins on a 24 pin connector on an ATX psu does, correct? So If I used a small relay or opto-coupler tied to a fan header, when the boord powers on it would connect the ps_on pin to the ground pin and turn the 360 on, and the reverse would happen when turned the computer off.

Would this work?