Dynamo 360+160 combo


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May 23, 2016
I just want to post that I just installed the 360 and 160 combo today, and it’s working great.

I was having a tough time with the HDPlex400w DCATX. I tried two of those, three different 330w bricks, and even a 1200w ac adapter. I’m currently still in the middle of troubleshooting the HDPlex with Larry, (he’s been super helpful so far), but I finally broke down and purchased this 360+160 combo, and it would power through stressing both my 8700K (tuned to stock Intel settings) and GTX1080 at the same time (Prime95 max power consumption default + Superposition QHD high settings).

Stress testing the combo units before installation. You can see the HDPlex 400W DCATX still mounted on the inside front wall.
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