Dynamo Combo - Sync Cable Setup


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Sep 9, 2015
So I have issues with shutdown, where my gpu fans and cpu fans would stay on when my computer is shutdown. Figured its the sync cable that needs to be plugged in to send a signal to the dynamo 360 to turn off.

Anyways, wondering what is the correct way to plug in the sync cable with the dynamo 360 / 160? I tried plugging the cable in a bunch of different ways, with no luck. I unplugged the jumper that is closest to DC-IN, then i take my 2 pin cable and plugged it into the dynamo mini 2 pin sync header, and plug the other end into the 2 pin header on the dynamo 360 closest to the DC-OUT. That did not work, So i thought i had the orientation wrong, i reversed it on one side with the same result.

Wondering what i am doing wrong


*edit / got it working! seems i had to change a setting on my asus motherboard to disable onboard power when powered off
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Jun 22, 2018
@chanberg do you happen to remember what setting you ultimately ended up changing?

I'm getting similar issues on a Ryzen 2600 / ASUS X470-I build. I've tried with the sync cable / without / modified power settings etc, but no matter what I do, when I shutdown, the CPU fans spin up to max, (though weirdly the power LED goes off...).