Closed SOLD - J-Hack Pure ITX Case + Internal PSU + Cooler + RAM


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Nov 17, 2018
What this bundle includes:
  • J-Hack Pure ITX Case
  • Meanwell RPS-200-12-C AC-DC Power Supply
  • 120w DC-DC Plugin (These 3 things cost $330NZD new including shipping - purchased from J-Hack store)
  • 2 x 8GB Sticks of 2666MHz CL19 Adata very low profile DDR4 RAM (other people on forums have had success tuning/overclocking this RAM if you're into that) $125NZD new
  • Alpenfohn Black Ridge Low Profile (47mm height) CPU Cooler $125NZD new including shipping (comes with 92mm fan)
So it cost me $580NZD altogether brand new including shipping. I'm asking $350NZD for everything. Everything is in excellent condition.

International shipping ranges from $30NZD upwards, if you are interested let me know your location and I will let you know prices.

This cooler combined with a slim 120mm fan (right now just using 92mm fan) will result in substantially increased thermal performance. With a slim 120mm fan underneath the cooler, this is one of the most capable/powerful PC setup for it's size in the world.

Right now, the power is limited to 120W, this will comfortably accommodate a ryzen 2400g, however I wouldn't recommend overclocking too hard. On the J-Hack store he will be releasing a 160W dc-dc adapter, so will give you A LOT more headroom if you want to overclock CPUs harder.

J-Hack store:
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Dec 9, 2018
OK I've sent the money so this is SOLD. Hentox will be along later to close the thread I'm sure (He lives in NZ so a bit early for him, 19:40 here in the UK, 06:40 in NZ (and Saturday))