Closed [US-WA] J-Hack M2427 for Corsair SF Gold Series - $35 shipped


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Apr 20, 2018
As the title states, I have for sale a J-Hack M2427 DC-ATX power board and complete set of cables meant for Corsair SF Gold power supplies. This works great to clean up 24-pin ATX cables especially in sandwich-styles cases where space for such large cable bundles is at a premium. As the name implies, it converts the 24-pin ATX cable to just 7 cables. The sale also includes super flexible shorter-length 8-pin EPS (300 mm) and dual 6+2-pin GPU cables (250 mm) for the PSU and a dual SATA cable that plugs directly into the DC-ATX board to keep cables out from under your PSU.

This system worked great for my overclocked 7600k at 4.8GHz on a Strix z270i motherboard and never gave me any trouble. The EPS, GPU, and SATA cables were never used but purchased "just in case" 😁 . Reason for sale is because I upgraded to the M2426 kit. You can see in the attached pictures that I used them to keep the cables from blocking air flow through my slim 92mm exhaust fans in my NCase v6.1.

Please see the official website for additional specifications:

Price includes shipping within the continental US by USPS.

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