Platinum. That step above 80+ Gold that makes us question ROI (return on investment), saving the planet, and why we just can’t have +12V out of the wall. There’s a significant price premium for each 80+ ranking, however. But, in the world of SFF, efficiency is key – be it space or power. Wasted space is a sin in our little world, and wasted power leads to heat – the mortal enemy of SFF.
SilverStone showed us their SX700-PT at Computex this year – almost ready for production. Not only is this a true SFX power supply (not SFX-L), it is Platinum rated – great news on both fronts. The caveat though – the price. Retailing at US$186 at at time of writing, a full $16 more expensive than it’s...

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May 8, 2018
Nice and thorough breakdown! You should gift yourself a kill-a-watt this holiday season ;)

Good to see more competition in the space even if it is not a clear winner.

With high wattage SFX commonplace they are starting to become routine (which is a good thing, imo mainstream builder can start defaulting to SFX for a few bucks more). My fantasy is we see even more innovation in sub 450w range (HDPLEX had a good 2019, hopefully we see more in 2020)
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Jun 19, 2015
A Kill-a-watt is in the to-buy list for January :) Gotta pay bills, buy xmas presents, pay more bills, survive the holiday season pay cycle and then on to new beginnings.

It felt weird enough decommissioning my dual GPU desktop into a glorified test rig XD
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