Part SFX to ATX PC Adapter EVGA Vs SilverStone


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Sep 5, 2020
I had a future build planned (currently on hold) that would have required the use of an SFX to ATX PSU adapter. The EVGA SFX power supplies that I use include an adapter with the PSU just a bit off center from the middle of the adapter. Planning to maximize space of the PSU from the motherboard, I noted that the Silverstone PP08 offsets the PSU farther to one side and includes 3 rows of small airflow vent holes. The Silverstone adapter for $12 in USA provides an additional 5mm of space over the EVGA adapter. Moving the PSU fan closer to the side panel might increase the PSU fan noise when its fan runs. So you have to decide, is 5mm additional space worth $12? See photo below: