Discussion Question on Dan A4/Ghost S1 SSD/Asetek


Cable Smoosher
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Jul 24, 2020

I've been basically scanning the internet for the last 7 days every night to decide between the Dan A4 or the Ghost S1. So I have a few questions for the experts.

1. Does the Ghost S1 only have room for 1 2.5'' SSD and 0 if bottom fan is installed? Seems absurd when the Dan A4 can fit 4x and is smaller in size?
2. Is there absolutely no way to install the Asetek 645LT without topfans?

Does anyone have a thermal comparison between the two. I am considering two options: Asetek 645LT in both or optimal air cooling in both (Dan: Alpenfohn Black Ridge, Ghost: NH-12 Ghost edition).

I really prefer the looks of the Ghost, but it seems troublesome. Unfortunately FormD T1 is impossible to get and Lyftcase hasn't been released yet

Thanks for being part of this awesome forum! :)


Spatial Philosopher
Jul 7, 2017
You can mount a SSD behind the PSU, there are screw holes for it but only room for 1. I have a SSD between the PSU and front panel, there is no actual mount for it but it doesn't move. I am running my PCI cables between the PSU and spine so can't mount it there.