Dan A4 or Ghost S1


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Jan 30, 2020
I've decided to take the plunge into SFF gaming PC's and have come here seeking sage advice on which enclosure would best suit my needs. I will mostly be using this machine for LAN's and maybe some programming. I'm primarily interested in the Dan A4 and the Ghost S1--preferably no tophat but would consider a small one to include slim fans. My main question is how powerful of a CPU can would I be able to run in either of these cases with a comfortable performance/sound ratio. As of now I'm between the 3600x/3700x but I'm a little skeptical on whether or not low profile air coolers can handle these CPUs. For the moment I'm steering clear of the Noctua NH-12 simply due to the lack of availability. The Dan A4 has the option for a small AIO is this the best option between these 2 cases?

Thanks in advance!