Production Pump&reservoir intergrated full-cover waterblock for Asus Z270i/Z370i Strix


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Aug 22, 2018
Are there any pictures of the silver plated copper top or frosted top? I want to get one of these for an eventual future Mach One build.


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May 1, 2018
So the ghost s1 has arrived! now just waiting on the tubing and coolant. I will start with a flex tubing loop for the first time because I have never done custom watercooling before. Once i do that i will order the glass tubing and then build that. After that i will see if i can make the computer themed to land of the lustrous (potentially add a second loop just for the gpu side so that i can have turquoise collant on the motherboard side and red collant on the gpu side). I will do a build log of all of this. If you wanna see a build of this soon like the post so that i can know if there's demand for it. If there is demand for the build then I'll do it really soon. :)