Power Supply PSU for small Taobao case


What's an ITX?
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Sep 4, 2022
Looking to buy this case: taobao link
I'll use it with a Ryzen 5600G, TDP "65W". No GPU or optical drives etc.

Looking for a fanless PSU. Have had a look at different HDPlex units, the only one that would fit is the 12V DC ATX converter, which is out of stock (and would still need a brick). Also looked at the 240W Streacom unit - doesn't look like it'll fit either.

Also looked at the Mean Well RPS 400 12 (or lower rated) + a 160W Pico PSU. Not sure the Mean Well would fit though.

So I think this leaves me with the DC ATX converters (e.g. HDPlex one and the Pico one) + an external brick.

At a guess the internal space for a PSU is ~30-50 mm x ~45mm x 170 mm. Might get the case shipped so I can measure internally more precisely!

Other suggestions?