Concept Project Skuld - Vertical Case with loads of capability


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Mar 15, 2016
One small update

Prototype is currently a bit delayed, I'm expecting to get it done by this week.

For one simple reason, currently I'm aiming to do it in CNCed aluminum, acrylic for the outer panel and to CN the wooden parts.

I have found a lab that I can actually just build the prototype to test the cooling performance and component fitments, however I'm struggling to find a spot to schedule my usage of the machines.

I still have the issue with the hardware part.

Currently there is basically no availability of mitx AM4 boards. Yes I know there is the biostar, asrock is going to do one just like gigabyte. However, those aren't out and biostar isn't available to buy anywhere.

I may change the test system to intel...

well see...


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Mar 15, 2016
Hello! Hello!

After some inactivity due to basically being out of parts and the schedule at the fablab so I can prototype....

Here is what we have!

Yes! The motherboard, ram and psu arrived today!

Now we are missing the CPU which should arrive this week and the NVMe with about the same due time!

So what is the build going to be like?

CPU: Ryzen R5 1600
Motherboard: B350GTN
SSD: Intel 600p 256gb and Samsung 840 EVO 256gb
RAM: 2x 16gb Corsair LPX 3000MHZ ( yes there weren't any 3200MHZ ram left at the size that I wanted)
PSU: Corsair SF 600
FAN: 4x NF - A9x14
Cooler: L9x65
Riser: 1x 30cm B type from Liheat and 1x 25cm B type from Liheat

Aside, most of the parts arriving what I have to say today is that I have a schedule for Wednesday at the fablab meaning that I should have the 1st prototype ready!

Now that the parts are out of the way, things should be more adherent to the schedule.

I have incredible faith that this chassis should be delivered at the most by Q4, but I'm aiming for mid Q3.

I have to say an incredible thanks to Jakob at Noctua, for believing in this project! And helping it coming one step closer to reality!


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Mar 15, 2016
Did you get the prototype done? We'd love to see it!

Not yet! Unfortunately there have been some delays!

1. My CPU arrived last week, which meant that I could only start and see if everything was alright about that time.

2. The meeting at the fablab was useless, and I shall try to arrange this week to have a prototype made in acrylic.

3. That prototype has the single purpose to test the cooling capabilities, and thus it will be made of plastic instead of metal.

4. To make matters worse, I'm overburdened at my new work.


Here are the things that I'm planning to do this week!

1. Finish the changes needed for the acrylic case. The use of such a different material brings challenges of its own
2. Try to find a new manufacturer

I have 2 companies that can do the prototype, they are just waiting for me to finish the changes needed (basically I had to redo it from scratch)

Good news!

I have performed some thermal simulations in fusion 360, and this design can easily hold components up to 700w

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May 9, 2020
Не знаю почему, но этот концепт мне нравится больше чем любой другой на этом сайте. Есть в нём что-то особенное