vertical gpu

  1. C

    Enclosure I want this beautifully crafted case. Anyone make anything on par or do similar custom CNC?

    Just need to get over the color, but other than that this is a case that I really want (a black one would simply be amazing): It's neat that the perforated and tempered glass panels are interchangeable front and back for ideal ventilation...
  2. ZS-Cases

    Production ZS Cases - ZS ST V1 - Update 4/18

    ZS Cases is proud to introduce our latest concept case - ZS Vertical (name to be determined) ZS ST V1. Please watch this space for all future updates on this case (PCIE 4.0, accessories, pricing etc.) If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us via website.
  3. M

    Concept 2in1 Transformer Case: 7L Desktop to 20L Tower; ITX, vertical GPU ≤376mm, CPU cooler ≤181mm, ATX PSU ≤165mm, 280mm+140mm radiator

    How I got the idea? A long time ago I started looking for a small form factor PC case with specific requirements in mind. Since I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, I decided to sketch a layout with these requirements. That layout ultimately developed in a case concept. The concept I...
  4. S

    Motherboard Thoughts on using used / replacement AIO motherboards

    I want to start this off by saying that I realize this idea is highly impractical. Many AIOs use non-standard motherboard form factors, many have few to no standard sata connectors, awkwardly placed ports, and good luck finding them with standard power connectors. But every now and then you see...
  5. Karamazovmm

    Concept Project Skuld - Vertical Case with loads of capability

    Hey all! Today I'm going to introduce the Project Skuld! I kept thinking why no one does a case that values a bit more the horizontal space? With the exception of Corsair they aren't very space efficient and usually rather large cumbersome cases. We also face the issue that sometimes trying...
  6. blackstar2e

    Enclosure Motherboard tray for vertical GPU

    Hey there, im looking for a motherboard tray where the GPU mounting is in vertical direction. something like in the LIAN LI PC-O6 But i just need the tray because im planning to build the PC under my desk and it should be as thin as possible and i...