Discussion NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S


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Sep 5, 2020
I am waiting on a case with a listed 95 mm cooler height clearance for a new build and I have some questions regarding the NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S - in particular when using a top mounted fan. I emailed Noctua, but they have yet to respond. I am hoping folks on the forum could advise me of their experiences.

I am using 31 mm height RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX) so RAM height should not be a consideration with either cooler. The CPU I am cooling is the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G R7 PRO 4750G with 65 Watt TDP although I have seem 80+ watts when stressing both the CPU & GPU together.

My first question: Does the NH-L12 Ghost S-1 come with wire clips to top mount either the A12x15 or the A12x25 fan? Are there grooves for holding either/both size fans to the cooler?

With the NH-L12 Ghost S-1 there should be enough space to fit the A12x25 fan on top within the case. I read somewhere that there was no significant cooling performance advantage of using the A12x25 fan versus the A12x15 fan on the NH-L12S. Is this correct? The NH-L12S would be simpler as it comes with the A12x15 fan but the A12x25 fan would likely be too tall for this cooler to fit within the case.

Is there any performance advantage in using 2 fans in downdraft push-pull A12x15 or maybe the A12x25 on top and the NF-B9 92mm fan underneath versus the NH-L12S with one A12x15 fan?

Would there be any advantage in using the A9x25 fan instead of the NF-B9 fan?
Either alone or in combination with a top mounted A12x15 or A12x25?

Thank you all in advance for your advice & assistance.