1. F

    Log 0,4L Pocket eGPU case rx6400 xfx

    Hello. I have a new Project where I use the EXP GDC TH3P4lite Dock with an Radeon Rx6400xfx 4GB connected via TB3 to my Laptop. I createt a Case for this eGPU in Blender. I will build 3 Noctua 40mm /10mm fans inside the case The Dock is powered by an 120watt laptop cahrger (12V DC) i...
  2. Alpha_Salsa

    massacring a noctua fan to test an RTX A2000 fan shroud

    My A2000 is loud as hell and the existing solutions are expensive or dont fit my formfactor. I had the idea in my head to use a 60mm fan and cut the frame in half and turn it into a blower, so that it round about stay in the existing dimensions of the card (I know there are definitely existing...
  3. fabio

    Selling [EU-DK] HD Plex 400 NEW + DELL 330W Brick

    Hi Guys! I am getting rid of a few things, jope they can find a better user.: HD Plex 400W NEVER Used + Dell 330W Brick: 100EUR + Shipment
  4. morj

    Closed [EU-GER] Sunmilo S02

    Hello all! Selling my nice and balanced build since it didn't find its lucky owner that was initially anticipated. 1600€ or your reasonable offer EVGA 3060Ti XC WD Black NVMe 512GB i7-8700K 32GB RAM Thermalright AXP90-X47 FULL on CPU Black Enhance ENP7660B 600W PSU Dual NF-A9x14 PWM chromax...
  5. M

    Discussion NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S

    I am waiting on a case with a listed 95 mm cooler height clearance for a new build and I have some questions regarding the NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S - in particular when using a top mounted fan. I emailed Noctua, but they have yet to respond. I am hoping folks on the forum could advise...
  6. M

    InWin Chopin - CPU cooler mod

    Just wanted to show some pictures of my modded InWin Chopin with Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition cpu cooler. It's still work in progress - working on integrating a slimline Bluray drive.

    Prototype RCC-COOL65 - small wind-tunnel / tower cooler with 60x25mm Noctua support

    while searching for some suitable sub 65mm tower cooler for one of my next (wind-tunnel style) case designs I found this little gem... it is selling under different brands around the globe but I managed to find the OEM and could probably get a good deal for the community if there should be...
  8. L

    Cooling What size/thread are the Noctua 25mm screws for 25mm fans on the NH L9a-AM4

    Hi everyone, I just finished my build in a Sliger SM550 earlier this week. To my horror, I realized I threw out the screws that came with the L9a which let me use a taller 25mm fan. Does anyone know what type of screw/length I need?
  9. Creep

    Asetek 645LT vs Air in a new NCASE M1 - Opinions?

    Bought a NCASE M1 v6.1 and have 2 options for cooling a 9900k and a 2080 Ti 11GB Asetek 645LT paired w/ a Noctua NF-A9x14 or Noctua NF-A9 Chromax Either of these Noctua air coolers - NH-U9S or NH-C14S (with interchangeable fans) Also, I desire the Chromax color scheme but don't mind mixing and...
  10. Sazexa

    Monochrome (Thorzone Mjolnir build)

    Hello everyone! If you like a bit of a read, this first post is for you! If you're more the pictures only type, you'll probably want to wait or subscribe for as parts roll in. ? This is going to be my first (on build log, and using the soon to release Thorzone Mjolnir. It'll feature...
  11. JGP

    First mod (and SFF Build) with Noctua GPU Shroud and fans

    Im new. Built many PCs before but never a SFF. Didn't see the appeal until now. I have done the big box builds with RGBs - everyone was doing it - so I wanted to. Whenever I would sit at my desk they would literally blind me and distract me from what I was doing so I had to turn them off...
  12. GVR

    Ryzen/Radeon Sentry 2.0 Build

    As this is my first post I figured I'd post my newly completed Sentry 2.0 build. I have been waiting for a long time to finish this build as the case took a long time to order and I took delivery about a week or two ago. As the Sentry is crowd funded it just takes a while to get it in your...
  13. FaKe_VirTual

    Which Fans will fit underneath the Motherboard in a DAN A4?

    I would like to ask if anyone can tell me which fans will fit underneath the Motherboard, because I don`t know if the noctua NF-A9 will fit. Thanks for every respond.
  14. jaz

    Will it fit? Noctua U9S and Asus X570-I Gaming

    Hello everyone, my Nacase M1 will arrive very soon and i just asking to myself, if the Noctua U9S with a double fan configuration will fit on the ASUS X570-I Gaming motherboard. There is this big chipset cooler at the IO panel on the left side, which might cause clearance issues. Maybe there...
  15. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us review samples of their KazeFlex fan lineup. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here
  16. D

    in search of the right case

    Hi all I'm looking for a case, as close to what you see in this pic. The pic shows a poorly photo-shopped Modivio case- I need something that will hold a itx motherbaord, proper sfx psu - e.g. corsair sfx450 and room for cable management. More importantly is is able to fit...
  17. Thehack

    Closed K39 case, NH-L12

    Up for sale: K39 case (first version) + riser. Never used it. No need to keep it. Like new. $110 shipped to USA OBO. NH-L12 original cooler. Includes a 3pin Noctua 120mm fan. Original Noctua B9 92mm fan is included (not pictured). It is in good condition but shows signs of use. $65 shipped USA...
  18. Analogue Blacksheep

    Closed Looking for a Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM 2.52W from NH-L9i (UK Based buyer)

    Hello, I'm looking for anyone who is willing to sell me a Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM 2.52W fan from the NH-L9i. It's to go on my ID IS-30 cooler. You can't buy the 2.52W version of the fan, hence why I am asking. If sending me a pm, please send an image of the fan as well with the 2.52W sticker on it...
  19. F

    Build advice in a Silverstone FTZ01B-E - picked parts vs cooling and silence potential

    Hi Everyone. First I wanted to make a small introduction of what I would like to achieve and why. My current PC is a thing from the past, build way over a decade ago. I think my mobile phone is stronger... Even though the PC is a bit too loud, to big etc. it kinda worked. I am a casual gamer...
  20. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling The Scythe Big Shuriken 3. Big performance at a small price.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us a review sample of their new Big Shuriken 3 heatsink. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here.