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  1. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Thermalright SI-100

    New Thermalright cooler: 99.8mm tall, looks the business. Product page:
  2. O

    .STEP Alpenföhn Black Ridge 1.0

    Needed a model of the Alpenföhn Black Ridge for a project, wasn't able to find one. Tried to ask Alpenföhn but they weren't very cooperative, so I made this model from their photos and drawings. It's likely not 100.00% perfectly accurate, but I'm confident it's about +-~0.5mm in most places...
  3. M

    CPU Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Black vs Noctua A12x25 on Noctua L12 Air Cooler

    Just got the new Kaze Flex 120 Black 1500 RPM - mine spins up to 1646. Got it as a case fan for a new build but decided to compare it to a Noctua A12x25 as the upper fan on a L12 Ghost Edition dual downdraft with an A9x25 fan under the cooler on an Aorus B550 ITX MB with a 4750G APU build with...
  4. M

    Discussion NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S

    I am waiting on a case with a listed 95 mm cooler height clearance for a new build and I have some questions regarding the NH-L12 Ghost S-1 versus the NH-L12S - in particular when using a top mounted fan. I emailed Noctua, but they have yet to respond. I am hoping folks on the forum could advise...
  5. L

    Other BeQuiet! Shadow Rock LP

    From review I decided to share this pic here because the official page provides much fewer details.
  6. BeachBanjo

    Help with Cooling Solutions in Ncase M1

    So I am considering building my first SFFPC in the Ncase M1, I have already purchased the v6, just waiting on shipping. Now, I imagine I MUST air cool this thing, since it will be travelling on international flights and I don't want to run into any problems or have to check it in. However, this...
  7. N

    Best air cooler with the hdd

    Hello I'm new to this forum and I'm interested in getting the ncase m1! I was wondering what is the best air cooler for the m1 with using the hdd on the bracket. I'm going to be moving 2 of my hdd to the bracket. I'm also hoping the hdd bracket is still available for the next version as I see...
  8. Fazer

    Air cooler : enough with 6700k ?

    Hello everyone. I've found all the parts for my new A4-SFX build but I still struggle with the cooling part. I have an 6700k (not delidded) and was wondering if an AIO like the Asetek 645LT was really necessary to have good temps. I would love to stay with an air cooler if that's possible...
  9. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Sub-70mm TR4/SP3 air cooler discussion

    TR4 and SP3 being Threadripper and Epyc respectively. So, I am asking the community, using the current technology avaliable (Copper, Graphene coating, 3D Printing etc) is it possible to make an air cooler for the TR4/SP3 platform that is under 70mm? The smallest cooler out there so far is the...
  10. Napostrophe

    Optimal M1 Cooling? (Air vs. AIO Water)

    Hello, all! I'm going off to college soon and plan on building a PC in the NCase M1 to bring with me. The system will have something along the lines of: Ryzen 7 3700x (once it comes out) GeForce RTX 2070 (or comparable AMD card if one comes out soon, exact spec not decided yet, probably EVGA...
  11. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP Noctua NH-L9i v1.0

    Detailed STEP model of the Noctua L9i heatsink. Measured with calipers and the model is accurate to within 0.5mm. Also included are STEP and SketchUp files of a simplified version for part fitment checking: This model does not include the fan, so be sure to check out @QinX's...
  12. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP Noctua NH-L12 v1.0

    Most of the model is accurate to within 0.1mm, with special attention paid to the block and mounting ears. Note: The heatpipes are much less accurate though, so be sure to leave clearance room around them in the model to be safe. The fan and motherboard mounting brackets are not included. The...
  13. D

    HELP with Ncase M1 CPU cooler

    Hello, i need advices on my itx upgrade i want to do. i currently have an Silverstone rvz02 a scythe big shuriken 2 rev.b with stock cooler (6700k no oc YET). I have preordered an ncase m1 and want to start tweeking with oc with it since it has better airflow. I was thinking of buying a noctua...
  14. Necere

    .SKP Thermalright AXP-100 2015-12-16

    Sketchup model of the Thermalright AXP-100 (Muscle variant) low profile top-down CPU cooler. Total height: 58mm.
  15. Necere

    .SKP Noctua NH-C12P 1.1

    SketchUp model of the Noctua NH-C12P top-down heatsink. Fan not included.
  16. Necere

    .SKP Noctua NH-C14 1.1

    SketchUp model of the Noctua NH-C14 top-down heatsink. Fan not included.