Log Ncase M1 3080 RTX Build


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Jun 14, 2020
Long time lurker here on the forums. Always love looking at awesome ITX builds.
I've been building my own PC's since when I was in high school.

Cut the long story short, right now I own a Ghost S1.
One of the most premium cases money can buy.
To be honest I'm kinda sad that I'm migrating my build over to the Ncase M1.

In terms of build quality the M1 feels really cheap compared to the S1.
It's probably cause of the difference in the material used.

I'm jumping over to the M1 because it looks like the S1, isn't really going to play well with the new RTX 3000 series cards.
This is a work in progress and I'll update this post over the next 2 weeks. I expect to be done with this build before the end of September.

1. Gotta take care of this power button cable.

2. Done! All sleeved.

3. Pretty much the fan everyone uses for thier Radiators.

4. Gonna use these ones below the GPU.

5. My Radiator choice.