Modding tools recommendations? (Including cable soldering/sleeving)


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Jan 5, 2017
/r/woodworking suggested I make the cavity for the power supplies out of plywood and just put a veneer on top. The fluctuating temperature of my components (especially the PSUs that will be right next to the wood) is liable to warp any wood, and plywood will be the most resilient to that.

So, I trust their judgment. I bought a coping saw and a keyhole saw, I think, so that I'll be able to cut the pieces out. I also went ahead and traced the front opening of the MC600 onto the plywood. It definitely looks like I'll need to take a small amount of material off in order for the power supply to clear the holes in the design.

You can see my new vinyl-wrapped desk, too. And my ever-growing mess. In the top of the first shot is the edge of my new QuadHands. Everything Josh said about this thing is true, it's got such a nice weight and sense of structure to it.
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