Modded Evolv Shift Watercooling Build with external PSU


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Jun 19, 2019
I had an idea to mod the Phanteks Evolv Shift to support more radiators by removing the PSU and mounting it externally. My target build is a i9 990k running at 5ghz all core at least, with a 2080ti running at 1950mhz or faster.

I figure if I remove the PSU I might have enough space to fit a 240 radiator. I haven't found any internal measurements for case yet but I'm going to decide to do it based on that. Does that seem like its remotely feasible?

For the PSU i was thinking about mounting an SFX PSU Under my desk and using it to power a DC-DC power supply inside of the case. Has anyone every tried that? I know i technically don't need a DC to DC power supply but if I use one I can reduce the number of wires going the case. Any other PSU options that make more sense?

Any input would be greatly appreciated here, I'm not new to building PC's but I've never tried this ambitious of a mod.


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Jul 26, 2019
Sounds like a good idea buddy, i love that case so much and its what i use at the moment in my build. I have a 2080Ti and AMD 2700 on a custom water cooling loop running off 3 radiators and 4 fans. All this is internally fitted in the case as well as the pump res and SFX-L power supply.

Heavily modified internally but haven't ruined the aesthetics of it. Temps under full load (5+ hours gaming) dont go over 58 degrees Celsius.

in terms of the DC-DC you dont need it, if your worried about the wires dont be, if done correctly you wont see any. i have no wires on show including the 4 RGBW strips.

good luck