SFF.Network Low Volume Ep. 7 - Challenge

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  • Today's hosts: the full cast! James Schell (Aibohphobia), Jay Mattison (Tek Everything), John Morrison (confusis) and Joshua Ramirez (PlayfulPhoenix).
  • 5:08: Joshua returns from Honduras!
  • 6:10: SFF Network is now on Instagram. Our thanks to forum member jtrias21 (Jon) for curating content from SFF Network and beyond.
  • 8:00: Zotac launches a PCI x1 GeForce 710 graphics card. Incredibly dated technology, but a solid and inexpensive card to drop into a system in order to support multiple monitors. (Unless you've got some really graphics-intensive spreadsheets).
  • 13:45: MSI announces the Aegis SFF gaming PC. Some interesting features, and a welcome move to a smaller size. But that design... that design... leaves something to be desired. Well, a few somethings. Well, maybe everything.
  • 24:24: The Silverstone Expo. SilverStone has an annual gathering in Japan, and SFF Forum member veryrarium was able to participate. We'll have a post with pictures up soon!
  • 29:55: The SFF Build Challenge! A new monthly segment where your hosts compete to create the best SFF PC they can, while following a build theme chosen by the community. This month’s build: the best gaming rig under $450.
    • 38:40: James’ build, an Intel i3 and a Radeon R7 360 in a... unique enclosure.
    • 43:05: Jay’s build, an Intel i3 and a GTX 750ti with a power supply that probably won't explode.
    • 47:35: John’s build, an AMD Athlon X4 860K and a GTX 750ti with only a few brands you've never heard of.
    • 49:45: Joshua’s build, an AMD Athlon X4 860K and a Radeon R9 380 with SteamOS, which supports some games, right?
    • 57:40: James’ critique, "Gotta have Intel, gotta have Windows."
    • 1:00:45: Jay’s critique, "Gotta have 8GB of RAM, gotta have Wi-Fi."
    • 1:05:35: John’s critique, "Gotta have an SSD, gotta be small."
    • 1:08:40: Joshua’s critique, "Gotta have beefy graphics, gotta have more storage."
  • 1:19:45: This episode's Fully Favorite Forum Fread of the Fortnight (dear lord): The Tesla Model 3. Who know that a bunch of PC guys could have such strong opinions about a car?
With world travels out of the way, we'll hopefully stick to our calendar moving forward! Thanks for the patience, and definitely check out the SFF Build Challenge both on SFF Network and on SFF Forum (where you can vote on which build you think is best!)
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Lord of the Boards
SFFn Staff
May 9, 2015
A very good podcast, I like the "goof reel" intro, this one was awesome.

I like the SFF Build Challenge part, it is an awesome idea and I love the execution especially during the Podcast.