SFF.Network Low Volume Ep. 9 - White Label

Oops, the podcast has been up for a while but we never posted the forum thread for it :\

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  • Today's hosts: the full cast! James Schell (Aibohphobia), John Morrison (confusis) and Joshua Ramirez (PlayfulPhoenix).
  • 3:35: Power supplies galore - Lian Li and Silverstone aren't alone with new PSU's, as FSP announces their "Dagger" line of SFX units, available in 500W and 600W varieties.
  • 6:50: James' review of SilverStone's SX700-LPT, at an epic >4k words long!
  • 23:45: Lian Li stealth launches their new PE-750 750W unit. A conversation about existing and new power supplies ensues - as well as discussion on the Lian Li unit's unusual behavior...
    • Is SIlverStone's PSU better? Well, it depends...
  • 51:45: The SFF Build Challenge! This month’s build: the best general-use rig sans-dGPU, for under $300.
    • 58:40: James’ build, a mini-ITX desktop with a Pentium G4400 dual-core, Crucial 240GB SSD, and an actual (slim) case this time!
    • 1:02:30: John’s build, a mini-ITX build with an Athlon 5350, a 500GB HDD, and 8GB of memory... for a substantially under-budget price of just $143.46.
    • 1:05:40: Joshua’s build, a Skylake Core i3 6300, 8GB RAM, 128GB Team SSD, and an aluminum Raidmax case that wasn't picked because it's dirt cheap, no-siree.
    • 1:10:35: James’ critique, "John's ultra-cheap processor and white-label hard drive? Slooooooooooow. Joshua's motherboard choice is excellent (snark), but the case is big and your storage is tiiiiiiiiny."
    • 1:14:25:: John’s critique, "What boring and uninspiring choices you two made - you two go for low-end Intel chips and cheap out on everything, meanwhile I provide 90% of the functionality for half the price. Anyone looking at the $300 price point comes ahead with my rig."
    • 1:15:50: Joshua’s critique, "James, your build is like my build, 'lite' - other than the storage, everything about mines is simply better. And John, while you correctly felt that going cheap was a smart move, you just went way too far, with old hardware and technology that not only won't age well, but already hasn't."
  • 1:26:00: This episode's Freakin' Fantastic Fully Favorite Forum Fread of the Fortnight (please send help): The Dan A4-SFX!
Apologies for posting this so late! Be sure to look for the SFF Build Challenge article and voting thread on SFF Network and SFF Forum starting tomorrow!
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Lord of the Boards
SFFn Staff
May 9, 2015
Very in-depth insights on the PSUs, well done ! The SFF community has reached a new milestone with these.


SFF Guru
Jun 22, 2015
Pity your coverage of the A4 thread was 3 hours prior to the Kickstarter rather than 3 hours after it started. You could have watched the numbers roll up like a progressive slot in Vegas.