Looking for a good Psu


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Jun 11, 2018
Hello, I have a Windows Pc-based quiet Roon server (cpu fan only) with the following configuration, Gigabyte mini Itx + i3 + Ssd + Hd4tb. The consumption is about 120w 12v. I have been using a regular 10a notebook Power brick with the Pico Psu, but I have had problems like voltage drop and also sudden shutdowns. I ask if you would have any suggestions of a good and cheap Psu, and where to buy (international shipping). Could be a complete external Psu (to replace the pico+brick combo - I don’t know if exist) or just a better power brick to use with the existing pico Psu. I was looking for a fanless regular computer Psu but they don’t fit inside the case (I could use it outside the case, but would be weird). Any help is welcome. thankful
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