News Lenovo launches 3.9l ThinkStation P360 Ultra with dual LP PCIe expansion

I thought this was a really interesting design from Lenovo.

3.9l, 125W Intel 12th gen CPUs, PCIe 4.0x16 and 3.0x4, RTX A2000 (desktop?) or RTX A5000 mobile GPUs, dual m.2 with active cooling, dual ethernet (2.5G+1G) and four SODIMM slots. Kind of like a double-wide version of those tiny USFF desktops they make. It seems to use external power bricks, with 170W, 240W and 300W variants.

More images and full specs over at Notebookcheck:

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May 22, 2017
An interesting one. What's missing is the detail on the PSU. I would hedge that it's external, but at 89% for just a single rail is not of a GaN design, so the max 300W version may come in a bit chunky