Closed [JP] Densium 4 Server Chassis SOLD

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Hi all, recently moved all my home kit into a server rack so I no longer have any need for this unit.

1) Custom 3D printed front panel with texture / 2x 40mm fan mounts
2) Small cutout on the GPU-side side panel (invisible when assembled), which ultimately wasn't required with the final front panel design

Sale includes:
1) The case itself (Densium 4 v1) with custom panel (no original wooden panel)
2) 2x Noctua NF-A4x10 fans pre-mounted
3) ADT-Link PCI4.0 riser cable
4) C-Payne bifurcation riser (x16 -> x8x8)
5) FlexGuru 250W with custom cables for Asrock Rack motherboards, and supplimentary PCI power for the riser

Selling internationally for $120 + Shipping - Payment processed with PayPal

Included items number 3, 4 and 5 can be removed from sale if desired for a lower total cost - negotiable

Images below:

DSC03230.jpg DSC03228.jpg DSC03226.jpg DSC03231.jpg DSC03227.jpg


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Jun 1, 2020
Item #1 and #2 sold to @Cawa

The rest may be available on another listing at a later date.
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