Closed [JP] Heavily modded Densium 4 SOLD

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Hi all, some of you might remember my build here on Discord with the case mounted underneath my desk. I have since migrated to a fully rackmount setup at home and have no further need for this unit.

1) Holes for 120mm fans cut out from both GPU and CPU side panels directly above hot zones, edges smoothed out with dremel and painted black
2) Holes drilled and tapped on the sides of the case for bracket mounting

Sale includes:
1) The case itself (Densium 4 v1) and everything that originally came with it
2) 2x Noctua NF-A12x25 fans pre-mounted
3) Mini PWM to full size PWM adapter fitting most GPUs (works with Aero ITX series)

Selling internationally for $50 + Shipping - Payment processed with PayPal

Test OC on 5600X @ 95W in cinebench run resulted a max temp of 75c
GPU untouched - 3060ti @ 200W - also resulted in a similar max temp, all with the system being practically silent

Images below:


Pictures from the Discord post:

DSC02489.jpg DSC02490.jpg
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