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Hi all, selling my portable rig. Served me well but with lifestyle changes I no longer have any opportunity to use it.

Build consists of:
1) Densium 4 v1 white with walnut front panel
2) Asus x470i - Rear IO shield sticker removed, spray painted with clear matte (see second image)
3) AMD Ryzen 2700
4) Aero ITX 1660 Super
5) Kingston RAM 16GB 2666MHz
6) WD SN750 1TB with heatsink
7) Noctua L9a with foam duct
8) ADT-Link PCI3.0 riser
9) XTIA Ram Jacket white
10) FlexGuru 300W with custom length cables

Also included:
1) Tenba BYOB Insert 10 with shoulder strap
2) Mini antenna for wifi and bluetooth

Selling internationally for $350 + Shipping - Payment processed with PayPal

Additional notes:

1) SSD fully wiped, but Windows activated with OEM key. A reinstallation of Windows 10/11 Pro with internet connection should automatically activate.
2) Power cable not included

Images below:

DSC03220.jpg DSC03221.jpg DSC03222.jpg DSC03223.jpg DSC03224.jpg DSC03225.jpg


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Jun 1, 2020
Hey, do you know how much it would cost to ship to germany?
Hey Dealda,

Shipping with tracking to Germany for 3kg package looks to be:

JPY ¥5,200 = Approx 2 weeks
JPY ¥8,800 = 3-5 days
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