Is that a DTX AM4 board from Asus ROG?


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Jul 12, 2019
I am anxiously waiting for this motherboard. Mostly because it seems to be the only AM4 SFF board with frontpanel USB C as an option.
Unfortunately there is little info about it's availability out there.

The only info I could find is in this artice:

It says:
Update 2019-07-08, 09:51:

Upon the editors' inquiry, Asus has communicated that the ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (Mini-ITX) is expected to hit the market mid August and the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact (Mini-DTX) is expected to be released by the end of August. The other models have now arrived at retailers and are mostly available. However, prices are still above the Asus MSRP, which should change with broad availability.
So if that is to be trusted, another six weeks or so... 🙁


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Nov 11, 2015