CPU i9 9900T HP ProDesk 400 for $618


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Jun 29, 2016

Just thought I'd share this with you as I was in the market for the cheapest 9900T retail chip I could find.
I didn't want the ES as they are typically 400 mhz slower than their retail equivalents. So last night I found on HP's website you can order a really bare bones version of the Prodesk 400 with a retail i9 9900t for $618 USD. Not too shabby I'd say. Once I get the system I'll probably gut it, replace the CPU with something more common and sell the system. But I think this is one of the few cheap ways to get your hands on a retail 9900T.
As to the purpose of the 9900t, I want to put it into a Minisforum H31G and see how it fares there next to a 1050ti :)

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Jul 2, 2015
Picked up a ProDesk mini 600 off ebay with an 8500T sometime back came with enterprise Win10(1607) for like $350, ran Heaven on that and on my 2400G which is roughly equivalent to a 1030, and 8500T ran about 1/3rd maybe a little better of the 2400G score IIRC. I had intended to just strip the 8500T but the box turned out to be a real gem, found an HDMI option card to replace the VGA and been running since(upgrade to 16GB and a 2nd M.2 1TB SSD also). Ditched the SATA drive cage.