This has been an article 6 months in the making. It was a lot of fun to research and cover the history of a hobby that’s so near and dear to all of us, but that joy paled in comparison to building inside an actual Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 chassis that I get to call my own. To that end, we’re happy to celebrate Falcon Northwest’s 30th anniversary this month and we’re thankful that we got to host a Q&A from their founder and CEO, Kelt Reeves.
Table of ContentsThe History of SFFSFF Bullet Points30 years of Falcon Northwest3lfk1ng’s Falcon Northwest FragBox 2Q&A with Falcon Northwest’s Founder and CEO, Kelt Reeves.

The History of SFF
While some computer historians may argue, Small Form Factor computers as we know it have been around for just over 30 years...

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Apr 21, 2017
This article didn't get the love it deserved. Absolutely excellent work. I've owned Falcon Northwest machines before. Top notch builder.
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