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HELP: Running 52 degree idle/Directional airflow with Noctua NH-L9a?

Mortis Angelus

Airflow Optimizer
Original poster
Bronze Supporter
Jun 22, 2017
I think 83C GPU + 65C CPU + 38C HDD is not bad for gaming. As long as the HDD is under 50C, it should be OK.
The relatively high GPU is probably caused by hot air re-circulation. I see there are some case vent openings adjacent to the GPU. Maybe you can install some fans there (ie mirror image of the three 60mm fans on the other side of the case, sort of) to help out the ventilation? Having the ODD sitting so close directly on top of a non reference cooling GPU is really a nasty thing to deal with.

Thanks! I think I will leave it like this for now. But I also think I should create some vent-holes for the HDD caddy; because I think the hot air from GPU is currently hitting the HDD caddy with nowhere to go thus heating it up. I will also switch positions of the HDD to the slot further from GPU, since SSDs can withstand higher temps (there are two 2.5" slots beneath the mobo).

Do you think this is a good idea?

Regarding extra fans; trust me, if they'd fit, there would be more fans. Original planning had 6 fans, but there is simply no room with all the cables and risers.